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Skin peel facial

New generation peels offer maximum results with minimal downtime. Due to their advanced technology these are as effective as other peels but cause less skin irritation, redness and skin shedding. Leaving your skin fresh, clear and smooth. They can be used on sensitive skin, acne, pigmentation, and are also great for a general freshen up.

These peels are a blend of natural fruit acids that are less aggressive on the skin and offer minimal stinging, downtime or pain.

The enzymes in new generation peels digest the dead skin, so that there is no peeling after the treatment unlike most other peels on the market, which leaves the skin flakey and dry.The main aim of this treatment is to repair, rebuild and
renew the skin. These peels have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and natural acids are stabilised to preserve the skin’s acid mantle and can be customised with other facials. When the peel is penetrated into the skin after the deep cleanse or combine with skin needling , it has a dramatic improvement on the entire skin structure.

Whitening peel

Suitable for: Sun damaged, Blemished, Pigmentation.

Clarify Peel

Suitable for: Oily, Congested, Acne, minimising open pores

Anti-Ageing Peel

Suitable for: Fine lines and Wrinkles, Ageing skin, Sun damaged skin, Dry skin.

Step by step

Your treatment will start with a double cleanse and tone.

This is then followed by an exfoliation using skin scrubber, dimont tip or enzymatic peel.

For the next stage an extraction will be carried out if required to ensure that the skin is free from any blocked pores.

A face massage is carried out to encourage stress relief, improve lymph drainage as well as increase circulation of blood.

Next, a high frequency machine is used to help rejuvenate the skin.

Your skin will now be ready for a mild peel which works on a deeper level to clear anything that is sitting under the surface of the skin.

Next, a regenerative mask will be applied.

Relaxing neck and shoulder massage will be performed at this stage to ensure this treatment is also deeply relaxing throughout.

Finally, serum and moisturiser will be applied.

Your treatment is then  completed with a daily moisturiser and sunblock.

For the optimum results, a course of 2 peels per month is recommended.

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