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 Deep Cleanse Facial   

A deep cleansing facial, suitable for normal, congested, combination skin types. This treatment is the best solution to achieve a clear, radiant complexion. Immediately after the treatment, your skin will look fresh, moisturised and will have a beautiful glow.


Step by step:

After initial consultation and skin analysis  your skin will be double cleanse and tone. 

This is then followed by an exfoliation using ultrasonic skin scrubber, exfoliating cream or diamond tip.

For the next stage, gentle extraction will be carried out to unblock the pores.

Skin peel can be added at this stage for enhanced benefits.

Next, a high frequency machine is used to help rejuvenate the skin. Lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage will be carried out to improve circulation, detox and plump the skin followed by application of nourishing and balancing algae mask.

Relaxing neck and shoulder massage will be performed at this stage to ensure this facial is also deeply relaxing throughout.

Your treatment is then  completed with a serum, daily moisturiser and sunblock.

These facials are personalised and tailored to accommodate the needs of your skin.Some steps could be added or removed , depending on your individual skin requirements.

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