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Radio frequency facial

Step by step:

After initial consultation and skin analysis  your skin will be double cleanse and tone. 

This is then followed by an exfoliation using ultrasonic skin scrubber or exfoliating cream. 

Once the area is prepped with gel and collagen serum your skin will be ready for radio frequency. You can expect to feel mild heat to the skin, similar to a hot stone massage.This stage last  20minutes and it will feel like a warm massage.

Anti ageing gentle peel can be added at that stage for enhanced benefits.

Next, face lifting massage will be carried out to improve circulation, detox, plump and lift the skin followed by application of nourishing, balancing and lifting golden algae mask.

Relaxing neck and shoulder massage will be performed at this stage to ensure this facial is also deeply relaxing throughout.

Your treatment is then  completed with a collagen serum, collagen daily moisturiser and sunblock.

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